Completion Date
January 2021
Nanjing, Jiangsu
Asia Design Prize 2022,Winner 
Paris Design Awards 2022,Silver

Located in the core area of Nanjing Jiangbei New District, a golden land along the city’s main axis, the Yangtze River Times 1314 project is a rare and epoch-making high-performance masterpiece in recent years.

31 Design focuses on function and empowers the space with a minimalistic character in the design process of the exhibition center. The sharp lines are used to outline the neatly shaped space, the colors and contours are simplified, and the relationship between light and shadow and space is emphasized, with an unneglected sense of power, which creates a powerful spatial aura with artistic aesthetics and spirituality. At a deeper level, the resonance and transmission of life emotions, life philosophies, and thoughts on the essence of life are evoked,  thus paying tribute to the city's courageous, confident, and liberal core force of people, and echoing the case’s business positioning and users’ demand.

20210129-太吉元禾-长江时代售楼处-丛林-成图 (14)_result.jpg

20210129-太吉元禾-长江时代售楼处-丛林-成图 (43)_result.jpg

20210129-太吉元禾-长江时代售楼处-丛林-成图 (3)_result.jpg

20210129-太吉元禾-长江时代售楼处-丛林-成图 (32)_result.jpg