Completion Date
June 2019
The 15 th Kinpan Awards ,Best Pre-Sale Property Of The Year In Shandong Region
Outstanding Property Award London 2019,Winner
German Design Awards 2019,Special Mention
2019 Greenland Group Best Benchmark Product Gold Award
Credaward China Real Estate & Design Award,Winner Of The Year
The 17th International Design Media Award,Annual Exhibition Space Award

Phoenix Pearl is located in Qingdao, a city lying between mountain and sea. Phoenix Pearl allows social elites to experience the future community featured by elegance, nature, and art. The design inspiration comes from light. The changeable natural light brings into the space a ray of natural art. Furnished with natural materials, the elegant space and scene allows a tranquil and cozy atmosphere.

The memory of a space originates from the core of the urban culture, while design interweaves the culture with the future. The modern and simplistic design attaches importance to creating a closer and amiable space for better communication. Inside the inerratic and geometric facade there is a flexible and variable space. Like a museum, it has a core which then extends to multiple independent spaces. In the sculptural structure, a variety of functions are designed into it. The variable space spirals up, which constitutes designers’ homage to the traditional Chinese gardens, while also obtaining the maximum natural light and an upward view. The extending upward view epitomes the unlimited possibilities of life. Centering on mountain the water, the design fully incorporates and brings out the best of tradition and modern, life and art. It is an embodiment of the life wisdom of “exquisite life aesthetics”, and meanwhile a comprehensive extension of spatial aesthetics and interpersonal relationship.