Completion Date
October 2021
Sanya, Hainan
Berlin Design Awards 2023,Gold Winner
IDA Design Awards 2022,Bronze&Honorable Mention

This private villa is located on the outskirts of Hongxia Mountains Tropical Rainforest in Sanya · Yalong Bay. Ranging mountains and unique original ecological wetland landscapes have become a natural barrier to isolate the noise from the outside world. With a profound understanding of the place and the needs of customers,31 Design arranges functions and the circulation ingeniously, so that various family scenes can flow into one another to create an open and rich space experience. The use of contemporary aesthetic language builds a balance between life and art.

The enormous glass curtain wall ensures the maximum transparency of the space, allowing people on each floor to enjoy overlooking the mountains and meadows. Light and shadow wander in the space, and virtuality and reality coexist. From dawn to dusk, the scenery turns different from time to time.The open, flowing and interconnected space layout creates a leisurely and comfortable atmosphere for one’s private time, making beauty within reach in daily life.