Completion Date
December 2020
Changsha, Hunan
Muse Design Awards 2022,Gold Winner

The project embraces the core resources of Changsha, draws on the quintessence of international high-end large single-floor apartments, and interprets the potential value of living space through unique lifestyle. By integrating outdoor beautiful landscapes and interior elegance and tranquility, it creates an ideal home with a distinctive attitude towards life.

The project adopts modern, elegant and luxurious design languages. With elaborate arrangements of details and creation of overall atmosphere, elegant luxury are blended in the space, which not only gives occupants an enjoyable, unique visual experience, but also meets their emotional and rational needs for living environment. Through simple design techniques, the space reveals a fashionable metropolitan atmosphere. Contemporary design languages are adopted to express traditions. Clean lines, simple finishes, natural material textures, modern and stylish metal materials, and local cultural elements are blended together, which highlight the connection among the space, local context, culture and history. To create an ideal, elegant and luxury living space, the project takes comfort, practicality and user-friendly details into account, so as to help adjust dwellers’ mood and strike the balance between functionality and aesthetics.